Letter of commitment

On the part of the Center

1. The school is committed to maintaining the two fundamental pillars on which the Center Educational Project (CEP) is developed

  • A respectful and understanding evaluation of the students.
  • Active and living work methodologies to contribute to the whole development of the students, respecting their own personal nature and their life vital needs, so that they can grow in balance and well-being.

2. Course of action that places a broad view on childhood and education, taking into account at all times the students’ central needs: protection, security, autonomy and exploration, self-regulation and interaction time, movement and spontaneous play, need to bonding, building a positive self-image, self-realization, and development of all the potential and dimensions of the individual and person, emotional support for each student to feel recognized, accepted and loved.

3. Offering families a welcoming school that is open to parental participation, where everyone finds their place and feels they belong.

4. Keeping families informed about the documents (CEP), the organization and the overall functioning of the school, and providing channels for participation and exchange, during preparation.

5. Functioning as a “school open to families” with a commitment to regular communication to support the child in the process of personal growth and learning, adopting at all times the most appropriate educational measures to meet the specific needs of each student.

6. Sharing information with the family about the specifics of the curriculum, the organization, the methodological approaches, the criteria for attention to diversity and the evaluation that are being carried out in the school.

7. Ensuring the proper functioning and continuity of the work shared in the creation of the school through the parent-teacher committees.


On the part of the family a commitment to:

1. Respect and collaborate in developing the Center Educational Project (CEP) through the participation channels offered by the school. Know first-hand the methodological, organizational and operational criteria and respect them, keeping in mind at all times the functions and responsibilities of each person within the school.

2. Establish direct communication with the center and speak directly with the teaching or management team whenever doubts or situations arise that need to be resolved. Address differences, or suggestions regarding the implementation of the CEP directly with the school.

3. Taking part in everyday school life, a commitment that requires family involvement in the area where each feels more at ease, participating in specific activities, talks, open discussions… knowing the fundamental aspects to make the school an open and welcoming place, each one finding the space where they feel they belong. Respecting the spaces and acting consistently with the goals of the educational project.

4. Respect the Center’s own character, live, active work methodologies and teaching activities all of which are focused on respect for students.

5. Provide the school with relevant information for child care in the process of growth and learning.

6. Ensure actions with the teaching team, that are focused on complicity and shared goals.