Competencies for the 21st century

Learning competencies prepare students to face the increasingly complex challenges that will arise in their personal and professional environment.

Our society is changing very quickly, so by the time our students complete their studies, it will be around the year 2038. Most professions at that time do not even exist now. For this reason, it is important to educate them in the different competencies of the 21st century in addition to a solid curricular training.

The development of these competencies is the objective of the various programs that make up the ASISB curriculum.

Transdisciplinarity is a way to understand a concept, from very different subjects and perspectives, even from seemingly opposite points of view.

Interculturality, which allows functioning in different cultural settings, with good language skills, flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, and intuition is necessary to discover new contexts. This promotes adaptive and flexible thinking, so they can find answers beyond the known.

Design mentality is incorporated so that they can represent and develop processes and optimize results. Additionally, design mentality will allow them to excel in recognizing what kind of thinking each process requires, and re-condition the work environment to improve the capacity and carry it out.

Virtual collaboration, based on the possibilities offered by technology, will allow them to share ideas and be productive beyond the physical presence, as members of a virtual team. A suitable learning tool is to discern between relevant information and information overload. We work in a network with schools around the world to have students experience a broad view of possibilities.

Economic and entrepreneurial literacy.
This literacy is included to facilitate students to be familiar with the role of the economy in a society and use the student’s skills to motivate the entrepreneur spirit; from knowing how a company works, to taking proactive decisions with the aim of solving problems and changing things from all areas of life.

Emotional intelligence.
Understanding and accepting our own emotions and those of others develops a feeling empathy to become a supportive person. Taking care of our inner self as the greatest treasure, LEARNING TO BE.