Language learning

The English language linguistic exchange is introduced daily from Infant school (P3) to Baccalaureate.

Infant school (P3, P4 and P5) is the immersion stage, Primary school is the learning stage, and ESO and Baccalaureate is the consolidation stage.

To fulfill these stages, it is imperative that the classroom tutor speaks English during Infant school stage (ages 3 to 5). It is about making a linguistic immersion in English to take advantage of the potential of the early ages to absorb a new language, fluently and naturally.

It is equally important that the tutor understands and speaks Catalan and Spanish, to go beyond language learning and be able to communicate with students in the mother tongue in emotional situations.

Good communication between the student and the teacher is essential.

– 80% of teaching time in Infant education (except Ludiletras, Entusiasmat, Catalan and Spanish).

– 55% in Primary education. Learning stage where French and German are also introduced.

– 40% in ESO and Baccalaureate. Consolidation stage.


International Qualifications.