Character Education

Most schools in our country introduce values education within their core principles to complement a global education.

Other countries such as the UK, Finland, USA, France, and Germany, have opted for character education, instead.

What is the difference? Basically one, concretion.

Education in values is considered too abstract for students; theoretical and difficult concepts that often remain in the good intentions of the educational team, but generally, have little influence on the student, precisely because of their abstraction.

However, for many years, especially in the centennial Universities of the United Kingdom, character education has definitive effects on students.

Also in the USA, the well-known chain of KIPP schools, with unprecedented success rates wherever they are located, whether in well-off or disadvantaged areas, insist on character education as indispensable:

“Work hard. Be nice”, summarize the huge posters that decorate their walls.

In this same country, Angela Duckworth, a neurobiologist with a Ph.D. in Psychology who works at the University of Pennsylvania, has become an expert in the study of personality. Her study analyzes the keys for students to become successful adults, both professionally and personally.

One of the keys is “the tendency to sustain interest in an effort toward very long-term goals” according to Dra. Duckworth.

After many studies, they have identified 5 personality traits that predict high performance.

These traits are self-control, reliability, meticulousness, punctuality, and GRIT.

A mix of determination, passion, and perseverance, Is being able to maintain interest and the level of effort to achieve long-term goals.

Another very important conclusion is that GRIT does not have a direct relationship with talent but also incorporates evidence of why we focus on what we are passionate about, and that brings us closer to our purpose and makes us exponentially increase our possibilities for improvement, because it is much easier to be gritty in what we are passionate about, isn’t it?

Character education is reinforced by four powerful programs implemented in other countries with accredited results.

Design Thinking Program

Design for Change Program

Sports Program

International program