ASISB is aware of the importance of assisting the development of emotional or intrapersonal intelligence competencies and integrates them within the curriculum.

The management of emotions is worked throughout the school stage and during Primary, ESO, and Baccalaureate, we develop a creative program of conflict resolution.

Students learn about introspection and learn their true “self”.
Self-knowledge is a very powerful tool for self-esteem and self-acceptance, because: “I know who I am, and I like it”.

It is the beginning of building an attitude, where material needs are not imposed by a consumerist society, because “what really matters is inside me.”

Student accompaniment, spaces of silence and big questions make the student experience a rich inner life full of resources and is one of the most important trainings offered by the center.

Specialists support the student in a personalized way throughout their school years, qualitatively progressing towards personal growth to provide them with enough maturity to face the challenges of their future life.