The MYP Curriculum

The curricular framework of the MYP consists of eight groups of subjects that offer a broad and balanced education to students during the first years of adolescence.

The MYP requires at least 50 teaching hours for each group of subjects in each year of the program.

During the last two years of the program, the -carefully defined- flexibility of the subject groups, allows students to meet the requirements of the country’s curriculum and achieve their own personal learning objectives.


External evaluation and recognition

In the last year of the program, the optional electronic evaluation of the MYP provides final grades validated by the IB for exams and class assignments.

Students who complete the external evaluation will be able to obtain the results of the MYP courses and their certificate, as well as the ESO diploma.

This program is designed to be inclusive with students of diverse interests and academic abilities.

IB’s Program Resource Center provides access to a wide variety of support resources for the implementation of MYP.