School for Parents

A space to share and to learn.

Family is the core of education, which is why parent’s involvement in the education of their children is essential.

At the School for Parents, we create a space for sharing and learning together.

From the desire for constant improvement, we need the collaboration of parents to make our work a success. This means a commitment and willingness to move forward and build the project together.

In this space, we propose learning workshops with experts on topics of interest to the educational community such as managing emotions, boundaries, educational game, technology, adolescence, diet, etc.

A space to share, not only with the parents of the school but also with the people of our community and those from outside, who can add value. It is about adding experiences, knowledge, and growth.

In the School for Parents, we are interested in a positive exchange. Wherever it comes from, there are no boundaries.

We are also interested in self-criticism and constructive evaluation, which are essential to making progress and improving, because we all are school!