A bit of history …

17 years ago, Babiweb Infant School opened its doors in Fontpineda. The school successfully fulfilled the objectives for which it was created, a space to learn and stimulate the early stages.

The welcome was wonderful, and the experience of these years has been very rewarding, both personally and professionally.

Babiweb was the beginning of everything, a brave and committed beginning to offer quality education at the most important stage of a person’s development: from 0 to 3 years old.

I always thought that education and science should go hand in hand, and just as science advances every day, education cannot be left behind. Education requires that teachers have constant training since many of the scientific advances can help improve teaching methods, as shown throughout the world.

The prestigious research and serious studies on the human brain and its development, its functions in different areas, its capacity of substitution of some of them, and above all, the great possibility of creating many good synapses between neurons from the stimulation during the first 3 years of a child’s life, led me to move to Philadelphia to learn from Glenn Doman and the team that works at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential.

What I saw and learned there was amazing and changed my life.

This was the first horizon that opened up for me with great force and supported me along the path of the new school

But no serious reality is sustainable without a firm theory, so to finish structuring of the project, I took the teacher’s training on early stimulation offered by “Col·legi Montserrat” of Barcelona, an education referent in our country.

Dr. Nuria Sánchez and Mother Montserrat del Pozo led the training and started the change of the educational paradigm worldwide.

To personally meet Mother Montserrat del Pozo was an inspiration of focus, energy, conviction, and character for me. The only way to follow her work now is through social media and through her trainings in Barcelona. She travels constantly around the world to share her vision of education and continues with her inexhaustible desire to learn.

In this first stage, I was lucky to attend the first School for Parents at Col·legi Montserrat with my baby, and the experience was revealing, both professionally and personally, but more importantly as a mother.

I experienced firsthand daily sessions to encourage crawling, creeping, swimming, bits of intelligence, vestibular input, and the psychomotor program… and most important, see how my son and I enjoyed together each of the activities.

The professional and personal project was already essential and inalienable, I was on the right track.

Developing a Project.

Large projects are created with imagination and are conceived little by little. If they ever start, it seems like a natural process, but they are always the result of a lot of dedication, perseverance and hard work.

A project does not start as something closed, almost always, it is a simple idea that opens its way with strength and insistence in your thoughts, and is enriched by everything that converges with it. It gradually takes shape, each time the correct answer is given to a concern, worry, or need. As a mother of a large family, I was able to see on a daily basis the great deficiencies of our educational system in all its stages, from Primary School to Baccalaureate.

Many of these tools seemed like brilliant ideas to propose in the classroom, but the Babiweb students were still too young, and there were other more effective methodologies for them.

These methodologies were very valid options for older children and, for the moment, they would remain in the “incubator”.

And so as the project was being developed, from continuing education,  some opportunities remained in Babiweb and became real in the short term (Theory of Multiple Intellectuals, Psychomotor Program and Intelligence Bits of Glenn Doman). Others were directed towards the new school, now a reality, Anne Sullivan International School – ASISB, a latent project that from the beginning started to beat strongly…