Anne Sullivan

When it comes to labeling and naming things, it usually doesn’t come easy.

Naming a new project means finding the essence, creating a line of action, and defining a character.

We wanted the school’s name, spelling and logo to perfectly convey our spirit.

It turned out to be unusually easy. Along with Francesc Granja, a friend and founder of the project, we were looking for personalities who have made their lives a source of inspiration for others.

In the search, a black and white image popped out, along with a life full of light and color, a teacher who has been an educational reference, and whose philosophy of life and universal values, fit like a glove with what we wanted to transmit as a school.

Anne Sullivan.

Anne Sullivan (1866 – 1936) was a teacher who devoted most of her life to one student, Helen Keller, a girl who at 19 months old suffered a serious illness that left her both deaf and blind, with serious problems of coexistence and personality. Due to the isolation caused by the illness, no professional at the time was able to give this girl an opportunity.

Thanks to Anne Sullivan’s courage, her initiative, her passion for what she did, her vitality, her desire to learn, her talent and her generosity, Helen Keller not only managed to establish contact with the world around her, but she was also the first deaf person to obtain a University degree.

From here, always by the hand of Anne Sullivan, Helen developed an entire professional career as a prestigious writer and political activist, in defense of vulnerable people and peace in the world.

The figure and the legacy of Anne Sullivan inspire us when defining the values we want to transfer to our school, the so-called 7 strengths are a source of timeless inspiration in many professional fields.