Director’s Letter

Anne Sullivan International School Barcelona – ASISB is a learning space that wants to go far beyond a demanding academic formation; students must also be prepared for the 21st-century competencies.

These skills are socialization, being able to work as a team, knowing how to present and defend their ideas, critical and creative thinking, effective problem solving, personal growth, public speaking, languages and the enterprising and supportive mentality.

ASISB provides these tools, but mainly the school is committed to discover, improve and enhance the skills and talents that students already have.

Currently, there are several ways to learn effectively. These learning modalities require important transformations of the learning spaces, which should include seminars, open spaces, teamwork, master classes and individual work, research, and concentration exercises… However, most schools have not adapted to this development and continue to place their students in one only component: The classroom.

Although the classroom is a place designed for students to listen, take notes and engage in pair and group activities, there are other environments that can engage the students even more.

In the design of our school, each detail is intended to involve the students and increase their degree of commitment during the learning process.  Our school provides many components in addition to the classroom.

A committed student does not get bored and feels comfortable and happy in this environment because they can use all of their best skills.

ASISB doesn’t intend to invent anything, we just see how schools operate in those countries where school failure is 0, as opposed to the unacceptable 23% of our country.

How are we going to do it? Our center will not be a school with large facilities, this is not our concern, we will focus on the talent of our teachers, the educational quality, components, and our commitment to improve the world through the best version of our children.


Maria Rosa Coscujuela Palau